Donald and Melania Trump's 66th floor penthouse in Trump Tower offers stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan skyline

Donald and Melania Trump's 66th floor penthouse in Trump Tower offers stunning views of Central Park and Manhattan skyline

  • Its three stories feature floors, walls and columns covered in marble while crown molding, glasses, platters, vases and lamps are gold
  • A statue of Eros & Psyche is in the apartment along with Greek vases lining a white marble fireplace
  • The luxurious penthouse on Fifth Avenue appears to take inspiration from the Palace of Versailles
  • Trump, 69, developed the property and it was completed in 1983. He also owns Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

Republican president and billionaire businessman Donald Trump to move into the White House, but his New York City penthouse is difficult to kiss goodbye.

Trump Tower sits on Fifth Avenue and is home to The Donald's business as well as his three-level, 66th floor penthouse. It boasts breathtaking views of Central Park and over-the-top decor - starting with the gold and diamond front door that greets visitors.

Inside is an almost literally dazzling scene: floor to ceiling marble, ceilings painted with scenes from the classical Greek myths - and some surprisingly homely touches.

The penthouse is currently home to Trump, his third wife Melania, 45, and their son Barron, 9. He also has four elder children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany - with his daughter Ivanka set to hit the campaign trail for him soon.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Lap of luxury: Donald and Melania Trump's New York City penthouse is on the 66th floor of Trump Tower and features marble walls, floors and columns throughout. 24-carat gold accents like platters, lamps, vases and crown molding that outlines each room and tableau ceilings.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Art of the deal-maker: Classical art dominates here with a bronze of Eros and Psyche, one of the great love Greek love stories, and Apollo led by Aurora - the Greek goddess of the dawn, suggesting Trump sees himself the mold of Apollo, Zeus's son, and one of the most powerful of the gods. But there is also family time with on the far right a portrait which appears to show his father Fred Trump, and possibly his siblings. His father also features on the central table, while the choice of book is expensive - it is worth $15,000.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Perfect symmetry: Candelabras, two candy bowls as well as a Vogue and Vanity Fair book are placed strategically on each coffee table. On the ceiling is another classical reference. The chairs are Louis XIV-inspired, in common with the apartment.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

The Midas Touch: Donald and Melania's breakfast room is packed with intricate details including a gold rimmed glass of orange juice sitting on top of a gold tray, a gold-rimmed tea cop, and an antique clock. The furniture is also Louis XIV.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

All about the details: A fountain sits in back of the Trump's sitting room behind a semi-circle, ivory couch. A crystal chandelier lights up its beauty as it is planted on the tableau ceiling above. It shows a scene of Greek - or Roman - gods and seems likely to be Apollo again, who is often portrayed crossing the heavens in his chariot.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Melania's office: A Louis Vuitton case of jewelry sits on couch as a reproduction of Renoir's 'La loge' painting is hung from the wall above. The original is in the Courtald gallery in London. La loge means the theater box and some art historians argue that the woman represents a mistress rather than a wife being taken to the theater. Renior painted it aged 33, when he was in dire poverty, and it was exhibited in 1874 at the first Impressionist Exhibition in Paris. A rather more modern feature on her desk is colored pencils - possibly with her son in mind.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Family affair: A side-table is covered in pictures of Trump, Melania, the couple together and (center, right), their son Barron.

Trump's $100 mln penthouse in NYC

Grand jewels: Melania designs and sells a collection of watches, rings, bracelets and earrings for QVC that range in price from $10 to $162. They all feature her signature 'M'. Here they are shown in her Louis Vuitton jewelry case that has a price tag of nearly $10,000. Her style mimics pieces that she herself owns such as the sun design flower earrings and a gold-linked watch. She often uses mother of pearl and pave-style crystal accents in her watches.

The elegance and perfection of Trump's penthouse was the creation of designer Angelo Donghia - also referred to as 'the Saint Laurent of sofas'.

The renowned designer became a powerhouse in the 70s and 80s working with A-list clients such as Ralph Lauren, Barbara Walters, Mary Tyler Moore, Liza Minelli, Neil Simon and Diana Ross.

designer Angelo Donghia

He was said to have created total environments - using the philosophy 'You should feel at all times that what is around you is attractive... and that you are attractive.' Donghia received several awards throughout his lifetime including the Tommy Award for Fabric Design.
He died in 1985, age 50, and was posthumously inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.
Donghia's trademark featured attention to ceilings and 'fat' furniture.

When it came to creating the ultimate luxurious home for The Donald, he kept Louis XIV in mind while picking furniture and textiles.

Louis XIV led the absolute monarchy during France's classical age, ruling from 1643 until 1715 - and was known for his aggressive foreign policy. His political principles were not quite in line with democracy, as he ruled with complete control over the country and was known as The Sun King.
Whether he actually said 'L'etat, c'est moi' (I am the state) to the country's parliament is doubtful, but the inspiration for a businessman who refers to his Trump companies as an 'empire' is certainly.
The monarch was also known for his over-the-top decor. Louis XIV transformed his father's modest hunting lodge and transformed it into Versailles, the largest palace the world had ever seen.
Versailles was home to his court, the richest and most decadent of the era - and known, like Trump, for its gilt and its gold.
Designers took typical wood furniture and added shine to it - with gilt, bronze or solid silver, and it was all enhanced by lots of candlelight.
Much of his interior decorations showed off his political supremacy - for instance, the Hall of Mirrors was painted with depictions of various military victories he commanded.

That style is reflected in Trump's grandiose penthouse with 24-carat gold accenting the tableau ceilings, crystal chandeliers and the desk sitting in Melania's office.

In the breakfast room, a cup of tea and orange juice served in a gold rimmed glass sit neatly on a gold platter.

And the golden delight doesn't stop there; there are lamps, vases, crown molding and even golden cherubs that help to complete the posh modern-day palace.

In the sitting room, a fountain sits behind one of the two semi-circled, ivory couches.

Vogue and Vanity Fair books are placed strategically on each table, two candy bowls and candelabras polish it off. Everything is in perfect symmetry.

The Trump family coat of arms, a family portrait and an individual picture of Donald's late father Fred are proudly shown off in another sitting area inside of the penthouse.

The billionaire also has 'GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali'. The book was limited to 1,000 individually numbered copies, each one signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. Its estimated value is $15,000.

Sitting above the white marbled fireplace is Apollo, Zeus's son, and one of the most powerful of the gods - being led in his Chariot by Aurora.

And on top of the mantle - Greek vases in Athenian style. They sit again, in perfect symmetry - and in height order with the other decor.

<>A statue of Eros & Psyche - one of the best love stories in classical mythology - towers over the picture of his father.

His 9-year-old son Barron also enjoys the finer things in life - placed right on the marble floor is a red Mercedes toy car along with a personalized license plate for the youngest Trump.

Donald developed Trump Tower, which was completed in 1983. It is home to not only the billionaire businessman but also to retail stores and other businesses.

He has used it as a platform for his presidential campaign, last week signing copies of his latest book in the lobby, and also holding a press conference there after signing an agreement not to run an independent campaign if he does not win the Republican nomination.

Celebrities like actor Bruce Willis and Portuguese professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo have also called it home.

Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors in Versailles

Vanity: Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors in Versailles was painted with depictions of various military victories he commanded

Told in Ovid's Metamorphoses, Eros, the son of Aphrodite - the goddess of love - and Psyche, a beautiful human princess, were the original star-crossed lovers.

Aphrodite and Psyche

In the myth, the two meet after Psyche's parents failed to pay the due respect to Aphrodite and, furious, she sent Eros to carry out her revenge. But Eros, who had been instructed to make Psyche fall in love with something hideous, accidentally scratched himself with his own dart and fell deeply in love with the princess himself.
Meanwhile, Pyche's father suspects he has incurred the wrath of the gods and is told at the Oracle of Apollo to expect a fanged monster for a son-in-law so Psyche is arrayed in funeral attire and exposed on a mountain to await her hideous bridegroom.
Luckily, she is rescued by Zephyr, the West Wind, and borne away to a meadow where Eros finds her lying in an enchanted sleep and, over some months and despite being invisible, manages to make her fall in love with him.
Despite her happiness, Psyche is desperate to find out the true identity of her husband and sneaks into Eros's room where in surprise at his beauty, she spills hot oil on him.
Eros flees and Psyche then spends years on the wilderness searching for her lost love, helped along the way by the God Pan and hindered by a panoply of deities including Demeter and Aphrodite herself.
Aphrodite has by this time imprisoned her son and sets Psyche a series of tasks - all dangerous. Although she completes them all, her travails don't end until Eros escapes and saves the day.
The two then have their marriage blessed by none other than Zeus, the king of the Gods, and Aphrodite is forced to end her campaign of harassment - giving the couple an unusually happy ending.
Despite the cheerful outcome, the story - one of the best known from Ovid - was later used as an allegory by classical and Christian writers for the fall of the soul.
In Christian writings, the tale is said to show what happens when a woman is tempted into the sin of illicit sex and the rewards that choosing marriage can bring.

After the election of Donald Tramp President of the United States security measures in the Tramp Tower are unprecedented.

security measures in the Tramp Tower

security measures in the Tramp Tower

security measures in the Tramp Tower

But the Louis XIV-style apartment is just one of Donald Trump's luxurious properties. His other larger-than-life mansion sits in the sunshine state.

Mar-A-Lago sits on 80,000 square feet in ritzy Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump purchased the estate for $5 million in 1985 and had the entire thing renovated with 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, a 29-foot marble top dining table and 12 fireplaces.

He and his family, including daughter Ivanka, often spend weekends and vacation at the luxurious residence. The property has perfectly landscaped gardens, pools and views of the Caribbean blue ocean.

Trump's Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

Trump's Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

Trump's Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

Of course his presidential ambitions would give him the keys to the White House and Camp David. But perhaps unusually for a presidential candidate, he faces the prospect of downsizing if he wins the final race.


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